I have been using the Noir web application framework some recently, and had not identified a more permanent way to run Noir apps in production than simply java -jar my_app.jar

After some investigation in recent weeks (along with co-workers), and then getting to talk with a couple of the maintainers during ClojureConj, my intent now is to try using Immutant to host Noir apps.

Immutant is a Clojure application server that runs atop JBoss, and provides a number of conveniences around the process of packaging and deploying Clojure applications, as well as many facilities useful to large systems such as messaging, scheduling, and daemon processes. The process of making a Noir application compatible wasn’t completely straightforward to me, so I documented the process in a tutorial and submitted it to the Immutant folks, and you can now find it here . Thanks to Toby Crawley from the Immutant team at RedHat for taking the time to make it fit better into the site structure. I hope it helps someone get up and running with Noir on Immutant more quickly.