I was surprised and thrilled to learn on Monday that one of the talks I submitted for ClojureConj 2013 has been selected for the conference program. The short version is that my talk covers the migration of a project I’ve been working on over the last three years to Clojure.

Last year was my first time to attend ClojureConj, and it was the best development conference I’ve attended to date. I met a number of really nice folks, learned a ton, and was challenged to return home and dig in. I was also more certain that emacs – which I was about 8-9 months into learning at the time – was where I needed to be spending my coding time, having seen first hand that the people who were creating the tooling around Clojure were targeting emacs first, as it was what they were using. So I’m certainly excited about returning to the Conj, and also humbled to get to tell part of my Clojure story this year. See you in Alexandria!