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Get Started with core.async

Clojure’s core.async library is simply an amazing piece of software to use. It’s also not necessarily the easiest thing to wrap your brain around when you first encounter it. This talk from ClojureConj '13, by Timothy Baldridge, was a very useful treatment of the subject. Timothy is one of the main authors of the core.async library, so he certainly understands the subject well. His file full of examples is also valuable to review, both while watching his talk as well as for future reference.

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What do you like about Immutant?

In my talk at ClojureConj ’13, I encouraged those in attendance who had not used the Immutant application server for Clojure to take the time to become familiar. During the Q&A following my talk, Rich Hickey asked the question that is the title of this post, “What do you like about Immutant?” I believe that Rich’s intent was to offer up a softball, but I felt I’d clearly whiffed with my response, so I’m here to take another run at the question.

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